Escrow services


  • An escrow is an independent third party that ensures the safety of a transaction between a buyer and a seller on the forum.
  • The escrow service fee depends on the deal amount:
  • Up to $100: $10 (fixed fee) or refusal
  • From $100: 10% of the deal amount
  • Escrow fee is non-refundable in case of deal cancellation.
  • Should a seller decline to utilize the services of the escrow agent, and if there exists forum correspondence
  • with a direct reference to this refusal, the seller may face a ban as a potential scammer.
  • Escrow Working Principle:
  • 1. The parties contact the escrow to conduct the deal.
  • 2. The escrow adds the parties to a group (do not add the escrow yourself!).
  • 3. The buyer transfers the funds to the escrow (including the escrow service fee).
  • 4. The escrow verifies the item.
  • 5. The escrow sends the item to the buyer and the funds to the seller.