1. Z

    CyberBullet 2 | Latest OB modded version 2022

    OpenBullet has become the base for many moded variants like SilverBullet, OpenBullet Anomaly, and CyberBullet. This latest moded version is based on the recently released OpenBullet 2 by Ruri. CyberBullet 2 is an automation suite powered by .Net Core. It allows to perform requests towards a...
  2. Tetr1s

    Anom config - brute and checker

    Site: Proxy: only private Captcha: yes Combo: EMAIL:PASS | USER:PASS Hidden content
  3. SizeXXL

    All versions of OpenBullet

    All versions of OpenBullet OpenBullet [Original] type .loli - Download OpenBullet [SilverBullet] type: .svb .loli .loliX .anom - Download OpenBullet2 type: .opk - Download