1. goldbismuth

    Email:Pass 44K China <> Combolist

    Hidden content Emailpass Combolist Lines: 44K Region: China target: - domains: => Buy Combolist + Valid + Logs + Cloud <=
  2. JeffKaminski

    Shanghai National Police (SHGA) Database - 960m Chinese

    For Sale: In 2022, the Shanghai National Police Database was dumped by exposed elasticsearch server. Courtesy of ChinaDan This data is once again on sale. Governments: data is especially useful because China may be invading Taiwan. This data will not be on sale for long. Get it while you can...
  3. DataLeaks_qd

    Wordlist China companies email list FRESH

    Header: Title (company name), Email, Category, Phone, Contact Person, Job Title, Address, City, State, ZIP, CEO, Num of employers Total count: 140k Hidden content
  4. JeffKaminski

    For Sale different freshly dumped private databases!

    Hello community, For Sale different freshly dumped private databases: The list of databases will be updated accordingly. Each database below will be sold to one client only! Subscribe to this thread to get all the updates. For more information and samples DM or contact on TG...