1. coder00228

    Best Coder | Web Development| Software - Small Price

    Hi, I am offering the services of an experienced coder. Services: - Writing from scratch websites and scripts. - Development of software and checkers, bots. - Development of backend frontend. - Finalization of projects of other coders. - Development of both white and "black" projects...
  2. alex92dmitriev

    Sale Apple Developer accounts

    Цена продажи аккаунтов разработчиков Apple : $180. Технические характеристики: - Основной и переменный - Аккаунт полностью готов к публикации - ГЕО: США, Канада, Эстония, Казахстан, Турция - Свежая регистрация - Гарантия 1 неделя - Формат перевода: OctoBrowser / AdsPower /...
  3. rabbitTeam

    Rabbits Team --- Website Development | Landings | Bots | Scripts

    About us: Languages: Python, JS, Golang Our team has been developing for over 1 year We work only with a guarantor! Low prices Portfolio: My Telegram:
  4. E


    Hey, I am a programmer, been into cracking community since 2015-2016 and I am free for projects. I code in many programming languages. I am able to do: - Desktop Applications (checkers, or anything you'd like) - Web Applications (backend + frontend) - Bots...