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    SeedWatcher [cracked by Grizzly]

    Briefly: Fill in private keys or seeds, he constantly monitors them, if there is a balance, he notifies you about it via telegram * Auto-detection of the language of phrases *Checking phrases for correctness according to BIP39 standards (inappropriate ones are not checked) *The number of...
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    CryptoChecker Reborn v4.0 Cracked by Grizzly | Crypto Log Checker

    CryptoChecker is a new generation program for automatic scanning of crypto wallets. Features: * Checking the 12 most common types of wallets: MetaMask, Ronin, TronLink, Brave, BinanceChain, Exodus, Atomic, Phantom, Electrum, JaxxLiberty, TerraStation, Keplr * Checking seed phrases for 20 +...