1. Z

    Ultimate Crypto Tools Pack

    Supercharge Your Crypto Journey: Explore Stealing, Mining, and Scanning Capabilities with Our Comprehensive Tools Pack! Empower your cryptocurrency endeavors with our cutting-edge Tools Pack, meticulously crafted to amplify your mining and stealing endeavors. Dive into the depths of the crypto...
  2. goldbismuth

    Email:Pass 3.1M USA hash combo

    Hidden content Emailpass Combolist Lines: 3.1M Region: USA target: decrypting domains: mix => Buy Combolist + Valid + Logs + Cloud <=
  3. goldbismuth

    Email:Pass 1.7M mail:hash RU

    Hidden content Emailpass Combolist Lines: 1.7M Region: Russia target : dehashing domains: mix contact: TG
  4. goldbismuth

    Email:Pass 60K Hashed list

    Hidden content Emailpass Combolist Lines : 60K Region: - target : decryption domains : mix => Buy Combolist + Valid + Logs + Cloud <=
  5. S

    Login:Pass Colombia 4 Website Vulnerable

    Lottery sites (Colombia) vulnerable to sql injection Site: https://loteriasdeayer.com Url vulnerable to sql injection: https://loteriasdeayer.com/plugins/editors/jckeditor/plugins/jtreelink/dialogs/links.php?extension=menu&view=menu&parent=1 Exploit using SQLmap: sqlmap -u...