1. F

    I Need Freelancer

    Link. https://moviehub24dotcom.blogspot.com/2023/12/i-need-photographer-and-videographer.html
  2. Necromancy

    [Design Corporation] Graphic Design Service

    Click on the thread above to get redirected to our discord server! ▲ https://discord.gg/Cqerxuee4z
  3. PerfectumH

    «FOLIUM DESIGN» - Design without borders!

    «FOLIUM DESIGN» - Design without borders! Design team offers a wide range of services ✔ Design of trade themes, channels, groups, chat rooms in social networks, messengers on a turnkey basis ✔ Avatars ✔ Banners ✔ Logos ✔ Business cards ✔ Stickers ✔ Creation of corporate identity ✔ Landing page...
  4. Necromancy

    [Design Corporation] Graphic Design Service

    Above we have 2 "presentations" call it whatever you want, and in it shows 3 of our previous works, in my case /Web Design/Custom Wallpaper[for a game]/ Thread Design. In my partner's case, he has /Thread Design/Web Design/App Design. We have a discord server since we wanted to have an open...