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  1. DrRepacks105

    [CRACKED BY INJUAN] BLTools v2.4 & CryptoChecker

  2. B

    BLTools Log Checker v2.2 | Games, Cryptowallers, etc

    Best Logs searcher and checker out there for free New Features & Bug Fixes: * Added 2 types of checks to the balance in the cryptochecker (Debank, Etherscan), also for Metamask wallets the selection of passwords from the Password.txt file and the output of the Seed phrase. In the future, the...
  3. DrRepacks105

    [CRACKED BY INJUAN] SimpleChecker - log checker for mail services

    [CRACKED BY INJUAN] SimpleChecker - log checker for mail services (Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook/etc.) DOWNLOAD LINK Usage Open start.exe, it will automatically do everything by itself In the config, you can enable / disable services by setting 0 and 1, you can also specify the type of proxy...
  4. DrRepacks105


    [+] Fixed Instagram [+] Fixed little things in Youtube,Steam,Roblox [+] Amazon now checks not orders but transactions. [+] Added BUFF163 (cookies must be fresh, because the session lives for 10 days +-) [+] Added Minecraft check. (beta version, check for skins will also be added in the next...