1. CreamyH0ney

    [Cracked] Scanify V2 - MULTI FUNCTION Tool

    Necessary Framework Pack 1- We use net framework version 4.8 for all programs. 2- If crack does not work, download and install the framework file below. 3- Net Framework 4.8 (Runtime) 4- After the program is installed, please do a windows update. 5- Also make sure you do the update version in...
  2. S

    Login:Pass Colombia 4 Website Vulnerable

    Lottery sites (Colombia) vulnerable to sql injection Site: https://loteriasdeayer.com Url vulnerable to sql injection: https://loteriasdeayer.com/plugins/editors/jckeditor/plugins/jtreelink/dialogs/links.php?extension=menu&view=menu&parent=1 Exploit using SQLmap: sqlmap -u...