stealer 2022

  1. XEV1L

    Aurora Stealer

    Is actually the best stealer on the market, it's very simple to use so, if you are beginner and looking to get started the GUI is perfect for you. Features: ⭐️Collection of data from all browsers (Cookie,Password,Wallets) ⭐️Collection 90+ crypto wallets (PC/WEB) ⭐️Powerful File Grabber...
  2. XEV1L

    WolrdWind Stealer 2.4.0 ✅

    This stealer sends logs directly to your telegram id from a Bot that YOU Create with telegram. So no worrying about having to deal with unstable panels like, other big named stealers out there that, steal less information then WorldWind ✅️ Functions: ⭐️Advanced Functions: ⭐️AntiAnalysis...
  3. W


    Grim_Noid stealer is a Native stealer that no need shit framework for excuation ° Native Stiller • Excellent build weight (360 kb) • No downloads from the Internet • High collection rate • Collection from all computer accounts • Collecting data from the...