uac bypass

  1. DrRepacks105

    Phantom Crypter

    Phantom Crypter Phantom is an antivirus evasion tool that can convert executables to undetectable batch files. Features .NET/Native (x64/x86) support AES encryption Compression Anti Debug Anti VM Melt file (Self Delete) Bind files AMSI bypass ETW bypass UAC Bypass Startup Bootkit / Ring 0...
  2. DrRepacks105

    XWorm v5.6 [cracked]

    New Features : [+] Drag And Drop Files [File Manager - Monitor - HVNC] [+] Run HVNC In Memory [+] Copy / Paste Text [HVNC] [+] Extract Video Thumbnail [File manager] [+] Vulnerability Fixed [+] Support All Systems [+] Change Group Name [+] Multi screen support [+] Bypass UAC Fixed + Fodhelper...