Make 2500$ no investing needed


6 Sep 2022
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Hello guys
Here Imma tell you a deal for those who wanna make 2500$ without any investing
I possess tons of different files but right now Im putting a package for sale in offer price
I created a package with 15000 national IDs + selfies
The files include pictures of National Id,Passport and Driver License + Selfie for all of these of mostly any country on the world
Just to put some extra value for this package I will include some 2022 Forex and Crypto Leads for free for USA and UK users
Now the best part for those who are interested in making the money
The total value of the package is 5000$ but if you find me a costumer you get 2500$ in crypto
Procces of buying is made on the group with 3 of us and you recieve your part and me mine,the costumer gets the files
Those who are interested contact me in telegram :