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    Optimize Your Cracking Strategy with this Mail Checker Tool! **Features:** * Full support for Russian and English languages * HTTP support with 5OSK54 and $OSK55 proxies * Mail search by criteria, queries, and catalogs * Email and attachment downloading * Custom search for 1MAR and...
  2. B

    Wordpress Shell Uploader v2.3 \ Wordpress Bruteforce v2.5

    WP Admin Panel Uploader / Wordpress Shell Uploader v2.3 - WAF bypass from Cloudflare, imunify360 - Current upload methods: PHP file in plugin and theme - Detailed logging for each site (up to saving all HTTP responses) - Support for any size of databases - admin format ->...
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    I recently found a program that attacks the trx blockchain by generating private keys at great speed, it took me 1 day to get a valid wallet, here is the link to github, there are no viruses, check it yourself Link:
  4. Z

    Ultimate Instagram Tools Pack

    Maximize your Instagram "presence" with this comprehensive collection of tools! Explore an extensive collection of powerful Instagram tools designed to enhance your hacking experience. From account checkers to automated bots, this pack is curated to streamline your Instagram strategy. This...
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    Ultimate Brute-Force Tools Pack | Multi-Platform Bruteforcing Tools

    Discover the Ultimate Brute-Force Tools Pack for Multi-Platform Bruteforcing **Unlock the ultimate Brute-Force Tools Pack** for comprehensive multi-platform bruteforcing. Explore tools designed for various platforms and services, including social media, gaming, streaming, and more. Enhance your...
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    Mail Ranger 2 [Cracked]

    One of the best mail access checkers out there! MailRanger is a tool designed to search for mail access accounts. This checker offers two modes: Scanner and Searcher. Firstly, you need to utilize the Scanner mode to scan your combo and obtain mail access, saving them in the process. Then, you...
  7. Z

    BLTools v2.7.1 Pro [Cracked]

    One of the most impressive cookie checkers! **Program Update Highlights:** * Refreshed design with 3 themes and customizable accent color. * Optimized code for faster performance. * Swift log loading and improved email checks. * Added PAUSE/CONTINUE buttons. * Auto-save settings and...
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    NLBrute - The RDP Attack Tool

    Optimize Your Brute Force Operations! NLBrute Manager is a powerful tool designed for individuals and organizations engaged in cracking activities. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, NLBrute Manager revolutionizes the way you manage and execute brute force attacks. **Key...
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    Sentry MBA 1.4.1

    The number one automated account cracking tool! Automated account cracking tool, known for its user-friendly interface and modular design. Its popularity can be attributed to its ability to efficiently handle credentials across various applications, addressing the common practice of using the...
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    IHC Hotmail Brute & Inboxer IPV6

    Stealthy Hotmail Brute & Inboxer Features: * Does not send information mail to Hits * 2FA Account Detection * HTTP IPv4 & IPv6 Support * USER:PASS Proxy Support * Hotmail Family Bruteforcing * Large List Support Screenshots: Link: Hidden content Mirror: Hidden content Virus...
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    GIANT Mega Link of Crypto and Bank Logs Checkers and Bruteforce

    GIANT Mega Link of Crypto and Bank Utilities Checkers and Bruteforcer Crackers Bank OTP Tools Coinbase Checkers All Bank Checkers Coinpot Checker Chase Bruteforcer Ebay Cehckers And Brute Checkker Paypa Valid Email Checker Paypal Software Opploans Checker USBank Cracker ..More...
  12. ExodusCrackClub

    [EXUDIFY] Seed Phrase Checker With Balance Capture

    Best ready-to-use cracked exodus checker for all owners of easily cashoutable exodus Hidden content
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    Tools Wordpress [Bruteforce + Shell Uploader + Checker Panel]

    ################### ################### Wordpress All in One Bruteforce [10 macros] v2.15 - wordpress 6 support - speed up ~25% - bug fix Download1: Download2...
  14. easterndisabil

  15. S

    ⚡MetaBreaker - BSC & ETH Wallet Bruteforcer ⚡

    Yo guys, i just found this great tool that bruteforce BSC & Ethereum Wallets by creating mnemonic seeds and checking the balance. 100% fully automatic. Hidden content
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    ⚡MetaBreaker - BSC & ETH Wallet Bruteforcer ⚡

    Yo guys, i just found this great tool that bruteforce BSC & Ethereum Wallets by creating mnemonic seeds and checking the balance. 100% fully automatic. Hidden content