1. T

    Talented cryptor looking for a job

    Hi all, not bad enough cryptor looking for work on a permanent basis in your project. From myself I will add ideally suited for Installs for stealer, when you need to make clean stub quite often and quickly when there is a spill. I have enough not bad experience. I am constantly trying to...
  2. C

    Patrick Crypter

    USAGE: Download release or build source code yourself with Any CPU mode Launch PatrickCrypterBuilder.exe Add a path to your application to payload field, add path to PatrickCrypterStub.exe to stub field Press crypt - your file will appear at working directory as cryptedfile.exe...
  3. T

    Selling FUD Crypter (Cheap)

    Hey there! I´ve been working on a little Crypter/Stub for a bit now! It still has a shit GUI since i havent really spent time on that, but ill probably update that. Ill also Update it if it gets detected again ofc^^ It looks kinda shit and stuff so i decided to sell it for a pretty cheap price...
  4. C

    Earn 7 Crypto Coins via Telegram Bot - Instant Withdraw

    7 Crypto Coins BNB ETH DOGE SHIB USDT POLYGON TRON Just join my Telegram page for all bot links Here Link - Here After Joining bot you can Withdraw Your Faucetpay wallet and Coinbase wallet 100% Working If you have any doubt comment below
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    BEST Discord Raid Tool | Mass DM - Mass Channel Spam - Token Manager [Cracked]

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    Hope you are enjoying the content! GIFTCARD GENERATOR + CHECKER Works with voucher codes and Bruteforce ANY Giftcard with a simple app Hidden content
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    Vanyl Crypter FUD NEW 130$ Crypter Leaked Vanyl is An obfuscation tool for .Net + Native files. Main Features .NET - Coded in C#, required framework 4.0 dependency. Injection - Hide payload behind a legit process Features Bit 32/64 bit Error Message Select...
  9. whoscaimeo

    FEB 2022 Hacking Pack | Botnets / Crypters / Keyloggers / Miners / RATS | [MEGA.NZ]

    Like to show some love Leechers will be reported ! Link : Hidden content Look at the README file too ;)
  10. daniel

    Ghost Crypter

    Hi Friends, Today i am talking about one crypter,that so much powerful and nice means everyone know what is crypter what did they do means it ith its strong unique stub generator system. it is ensured that your build will be highly different. to a rate of 8o% from each other build. This...