1. Tr1xty

    ✅⚡Vulturi Stealer V2 ✅⚡| STEAL LOGS | ✅⚡PANEL & BUILDER INCLUDED✅⚡

  2. XEV1L

    Silver RAT v1.0

    Silver RAT v1.0 It is the best Remote administration tool of 2023 which has many unique features We never neglect or let our product die It is updated all the time. We have good ideas and future updates. Stub: The default size is 35 KB And it depends Based on your choice of features. The...
  3. XEV1L

    CraxsRAT 7.2

    Craxsrat v7.2 fully cracked Latest version ✅New features✅ -------------------------------------------------------- Faster one-click unlocking (just reinstall the apk once) used) ☄️Cancel display of fingerprint or face unlock phone ☄️Bypass all phone power permissions (MiUI, HarmonyOS, OPPO...
  4. S

    CraxsRAT Cracked V5.1

    "No internet connection" error is fixed and lifetime cracked. Download link: https://mega.nz/file/i3hHkAoD#FNg916H2_sjaQBeMP-VJB2l5SZ09oEqtiNcq-4tpleQ If you have an antivirus, turn it off because it doesn't allow CraxsRAT to create APK files. 19 / 10 / 2023 Run as admin, RAR password...
  5. XEV1L

    S500 G3 RAT ✅️

    Features : Home ======= ⭐️Connected clients ⭐️Volume of sending data ⭐️Volume of received data ⭐️Logs ⭐️Clients Panel ⭐️Active Systems ⭐️Windows XP/7 ⭐️Windows 8/8.1 ⭐️Windows 10 ⭐️Windows 11 ⭐️Map ⭐️Statistic from clients ⭐️Miners ⭐️Cuttency Grabber ⭐️Passwords -------------- Miners Panel...
  6. XEV1L

    XWorm-RAT V5

    It is the latest version of private RAT called Xworm. ⭐️ COMPILING: Download all source files, launch builder and fill in all gaps New Features: ✅Drag And Drop Files [File Manager - Monitor - HVNC] ✅Run HVNC In Memory ✅Copy / Paste Text [HVNC] ✅Extract Video Thumbnail [File manager]...
  7. XEV1L

    CraxsRat 4.9.5 New update

    ✔️ Is a remote administration tool (RAT) for Android devices that allows users to remotely manage and control their device from a Windows PC. It allows users to access and manage various types of data on the device, including SMS, contacts, and installed applications. This RAT is designed for...
  8. XEV1L

    Sorillus RAT v6.1

    Sorillus RAT v6.1 ✅️ ✔️ Sorillus is a platform-independent R.A.T (Remote Access Trojan) written in Java, that can help a pentester to get full remote access to any device that can run Java. This rat can infect Linux devices as well as mac os and other os like widows. their developer is planning...
  9. H4CKx

    Craxs Rat V 4.5 cracked...The Best Android Rat

    Hidden content CraxsRat V4.5 New Update - GENERAL: -New interface better / Easier / bigger -Edit connections info support Multiple clients at once -major improvement and Bug fixes -More Stable + Longer Connection -Auto Clicker Faster/Smoother -Builder Now Shows error in case Found -apk is fud...
  10. XEV1L


    ✅️Main Features : Encrypting all disks Decryption via a key or remotely via a panel Blocking Task Manager, Process Hacker.. Deleting System Restore Points ✔️Features : ~ Ransomware Encrypting all disks Decryption via a key or remotely via a panel Blocking Task Manager, Process Hacker...
  11. XEV1L

    XWorm-RAT V3.1 ✅️

    It is the latest version of private RAT called Xworm. ⭐️ COMPILING: Download all source files, launch builder and fill in all gaps Features: ⭐️Builder ⭐️Keylogger ⭐️USB Spread ⭐️Icon Pack ⭐️Check Port ⭐️Multi Binder ⭐️Monitor [Mouse - Keyboard - AutoSave - Window] ⭐️Run File [Disk - Link -...
  12. XEV1L

    CraxsRat V4 New Update

    CraxsRat 4.01 New update Features Download/Upload Secure Delete Options Thumbnail/Gallery view Advanced search Copy/Paste Decrypt/Decode Hidden / Unhidden File Set WallPaper Live Location Show Screen Live Control Screen (VNC) Use Keyboard Lock / unlock screen Take silent...
  13. C


    All configs etc. are inside enjoy ! Please drop like :) Blackshades v 5.4 Private Cybergate 1.8 Darkcomet 5.3.1 HiveRAT Cracked jRat Loki Rat DarkComet Legacy Paradox RAT Blackshades Public Edition Xtreme Rat v2.7 PW : Cracker39931 Hidden content
  14. Z

    Venom RAT 5.6

    A quality remote administration tool was the top request we had from our macro exploit users, and that's how Venom Software was born. Features: * Monitor on/off * Open/close CD * Show/Hide Taskbar * Show/Hide Start Button * Show/Hide Explorer * Show/Hide Clock * Show/Hide Tray *...
  15. Z

    Brata RAT

    With Brata Rat you can hack any Android & iOS Device, easy to use this tool. Features Available For Rat: * Anti-Delete * Screen Control * Format Phone * Phone Call * Message Toaster * File Manager * Screen Phisher * Dump System Info * Dump Location * Live Webcam Stream *...
  16. Z

    RDP tools and RATs Pack

    We’ve collected a big sampling of the most-used tools for RDP and RAT Content: RDP xTSCcrack Cracker 0.9 Deluxe RDP Cracker CobianRAT v1.0.40.7 DarkConnect v3.4 RDPWrap v1.6.2 LuxNETRAT v1.1.0.4 Cracked BlueEagleSplitter RDP Multi Tool - edBy (PCR) ImperiumRAT Cracked DiamondRAT XpertRAT...
  17. T

    Selling FUD Crypter (Cheap)

    Hey there! I´ve been working on a little Crypter/Stub for a bit now! It still has a shit GUI since i havent really spent time on that, but ill probably update that. Ill also Update it if it gets detected again ofc^^ It looks kinda shit and stuff so i decided to sell it for a pretty cheap price...
  18. ops3c


    In a nutshell, I really don't understand why nobody has cracked it before (maybe they did but took it private). Venom security key check is the classical HWID check by host. What I needed was only Fiddler with SSL capture with value returned as 1: And BOOM, take this: For anyone who...
  19. Design


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  20. Design

    BEST Discord Raid Tool | Mass DM - Mass Channel Spam - Token Manager [Cracked]

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