1. Z

    Ultimate Stealer Tools Pack

    Master the Art of Espionage with the Ultimate Stealer Tool Pack Unleash digital mayhem with the **Ultimate Stealer Tool Pack**—a collection of cutting-edge crypters, keyloggers, and RATs designed to infiltrate, steal, and disrupt. Explore tools like the 007 keylogger, Chrome Crypter 4.9, and...
  2. QuarkLab

    QuarkLab. Crypto Drainer & Stealer

    QUARK LAB Crypto Drainer & Stealer We are an experienced team with a high-value product that comes with guarantees. Here's why we're awesome: Our expertise in the field is unmatched, ensuring top-notch quality. We stand by our premium product, offering unrivaled warranties and support. With...
  3. Z

    Redline Stealer v20.2 - Cracked Edition

    One of the Best Account Stealers. now Cracked! **How to use the program:** 1 - Run "Kurome.Loader" as administrator. 2 - Run "Kurome.Host" as administrator do not close this window. 3 - Run the "redline panel", the identifiers can be found in the "ReadMe.txt" file. 4 - Run...
  4. Tr1xty

    ✅⚡Vulturi Stealer V2 ✅⚡| STEAL LOGS | ✅⚡PANEL & BUILDER INCLUDED✅⚡

  5. XEV1L

    Silver RAT v1.0

    Silver RAT v1.0 It is the best Remote administration tool of 2023 which has many unique features We never neglect or let our product die It is updated all the time. We have good ideas and future updates. Stub: The default size is 35 KB And it depends Based on your choice of features. The...
  6. XEV1L

    CraxsRAT 7.2

    Craxsrat v7.2 fully cracked Latest version ✅New features✅ -------------------------------------------------------- Faster one-click unlocking (just reinstall the apk once) used) ☄️Cancel display of fingerprint or face unlock phone ☄️Bypass all phone power permissions (MiUI, HarmonyOS, OPPO...
  7. Continental

    ⚖️ Continental Stealer - Convenience and simplicity

    ⚖️ Continental Stealer - convenient software suitable for both beginners and experienced users. It features a simple and user-friendly panel for your needs. You can create a build using an easy and straightforward Web-builder. It is compatible with all systems, from Win7 x32 to Win11 x64, and...
  8. WhiteSnake

    WhiteSnake - Stealer for APT attacks

    Windows stub features File loader. Leaves no trace. Strong log encryption. No server/ports needed. (All infrastructure works over tor network) Fast execution in memory. You able to install beacon into victim PC for remote access. Functionality can be extended by editing grabber commands tab...
  9. XEV1L

    XWorm-RAT V5

    It is the latest version of private RAT called Xworm. ⭐️ COMPILING: Download all source files, launch builder and fill in all gaps New Features: ✅Drag And Drop Files [File Manager - Monitor - HVNC] ✅Run HVNC In Memory ✅Copy / Paste Text [HVNC] ✅Extract Video Thumbnail [File manager]...
  10. luciferxfiles

    Xfiles - Stealer

  11. LummaStealer

    LummaC2 - universal stealer, a malware for professionals.

    LummaC2 is a new generation stealer, average knock 75-85%, works even on clean systems, no dependencies (AT ALL), log decryption on the server, build weight 150-300KB, steals Chromium and Mozilla based browsers, steals ~70 browser cryptocurrency and 2FA extensions, has a new method of bypassing...
  12. XEV1L

    CraxsRat 4.9.5 New update

    ✔️ Is a remote administration tool (RAT) for Android devices that allows users to remotely manage and control their device from a Windows PC. It allows users to access and manage various types of data on the device, including SMS, contacts, and installed applications. This RAT is designed for...
  13. XEV1L

    Sorillus RAT v6.1

    Sorillus RAT v6.1 ✅️ ✔️ Sorillus is a platform-independent R.A.T (Remote Access Trojan) written in Java, that can help a pentester to get full remote access to any device that can run Java. This rat can infect Linux devices as well as mac os and other os like widows. their developer is planning...
  14. XEV1L

    WolrdWind Stealer 2.4.0 ✅

    This stealer sends logs directly to your telegram id from a Bot that YOU Create with telegram. So no worrying about having to deal with unstable panels like, other big named stealers out there that, steal less information then WorldWind ✅️ Functions: ⭐️Advanced Functions: ⭐️AntiAnalysis...
  15. FADIamin

    LOGS, Combolists, Software. HQ tg store.

    Hello. Introducing the free Stealer Logs Cloud "CryptonLogs". Here you will find: -The freshest logs from around the world. -The ability to purchase logs by geo -more than 10.000 logs per day in a private channel -Best administration Telegram: @crypton_logs A tip for your own safety: even...
  16. D

    CRACKED Mars Stealer v8 -Crypto Logins Cookies Stealer

    Stealer Everything from: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge (Chromium Version), Kometa, Amigo, Torch, Orbitium, Comodo Dragon, Nichrome, Maxxthon5, Maxxthon6, Sputnik Browser, Epic Privacy Browser, Vivaldi, CocCoc, Uran Browser, QIP Surf, Cent Browser, Elements Browser, TorBro...
  17. Design


    A discord nitro generator and checker for all your nitro needs Hidden content
  18. R


    Eternity Stealer |---> BROWSERS COLLECTION (Passwords, CreditCards, Cookies, AutoFill, Tokens, History, Bookmarks): Working with: " Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Chromium, Vivaldi, IE and +20 more ". |---> EMAIL CLIENTS AND MESSENGERS « Thunderbird, Outlook, FoxMail. Telegram, Discord...
  19. zamasu5


    Today I'm opening my shop on this wonderful forum, but then what am I selling? I sell two websites with an integrated script that will empty the funds of a crypto wallet if the victim connects it to the site, the first site to steal Ethereum and the other one for Solana (yes it exists and it...
  20. G

    Prynt Stealer 600$ Stealer Leaked Prynt Stealer Reborn Is A Advanced Malware The Silently Steals All Information From A Victims Computer After the Virus is ran it hides itself in the victims computer and deletes the server so they cant find the file. Prynt Stealer Has A...