Coinbase - Earn up to $167 in crypto and cashout


25 Mar 2021
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The user can earn up to $167 in crypto. After the crypto is in your coinbase account, transfer all assets (coins) to one crypto (for example bitcoin) and convert it. Once all your crypto is converted, withdraw to PayPal by confirming your PayPal account on coinbase. The transactions between crypto is paid but is free to withdraw to PayPal.

NOTE: The transfer is instantaneous but PayPal may require 24 to 48 hours before funds are in your bank or credit card.

NOTE 2: The user can make more than $167 in crypto but it will require the user to visit regulary and join the waiting list as new coins come up.

Tutorial - Step by step
1 - Create your coinbase account with the link below.

2 - Confirm the email and phone and send the required documents for id verification.

Required docs:
- Digitalized copy of your ID front and back
- Utility bill with full name and address. The bill needs to be less than 6 months old.

3 - Require waiting 24 hours after sending the documents.

4 - After everything is done and confirmed. Go to
Select a crypto tutorial, watch the video or intro and answer the question to get rewarded.

Here is some invites to some paying coins: