Understand dorks - don't do this mistake. + what are generators


6 Oct 2020
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The new generation dorkers or dork sellers ruined the whole point of dorks.
People sadly don't understand what is quality and how to look at dorks, so I am gonna tell you what mistake you should avoid and how to look at dorks.

You will get the whole point and achieve great success in making dorks and getting your databases.
So what did the new dork sellers do? They changed the league. People now think that a HQ dork is a dork that brings you a lot of URLs on the search engines. That is not the point. You could simply write:

Inurl: ".htm"
Inurl: ".html"
Inurl: ".php"

and with these 3 dorks get a shit ton of urls.

But that is not the point? All urls will be random bullshit that don't make sense, you will get injectables but not targeted, just random stuff and probably 99% public and already dumped.
What I've seen happen is you go request gaming dorks and the dork seller will sell you those.
It is clear that a tool was used to make the dorks, most of the time a generator (I will talk about generators as well).
And what makes me angry is that the seller argues with you that his dorks are HQ.
No sir, your dorks are not HQ, they just give random bullshit URLs.
Just basic URL to Dork and URL to parameter, combining some prefixes in there can achieve this.

You will get shit ton of non-sense URLs and because you are so shitty and have no fkin clue how this shit works you will think it is HQ and feel good about paying for the dorks.

No, don't do this mistake.
Don't pay for this type of shitty dorks.
Keywords, Prefixes, Parameters and types. They all matter.
If you use index keyword, and the right types with private HQ parameters, you will get good results.
If you use good keywords, reasonable ones, the right types + hq parameters, you will get even better results,
but if you hand-write your dorks put effort and mind into them with the right keywords, prefixes, types, parameters and everything else necessary you will get the best results.
Because HQ stuff come with time not with some shit generator and scamming.

Now about generators.
A lot of people get this wrong, but there is a difference between TXT combiners or so called dork makers and generators.
A generator is a tool that will do the whole job for you with just one click. Like, you chose gaming category and it makes you the whole thing. I can't argue but some generators that are made with a lot of effort are good, but most of the ones out now are shit.
You must understand that there is a difference between a dork combiner and the shit generators.
Combiners make the dorks by keywords, types, parameters and other stuff that you PROVIDE, generators use their own data.
The combiners are here just to help you and easy up your work, its up to you how you use them.​