22 Nov 2021
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This method works everywhere in the world, no need to invest and it's legal !
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No need to download

Hi all ;)

I give you this e-book in text because many people don't want to download for be virus free !

Easy $10/days autopilot by letting his smartphone run in the background, no CPU or GPU usage, it's more profitable than mining !!!
And many others ways to earn crypto with your smartphone and your computer too, all explain !

+ At the end of the tutorial I give my proof of earning, with my first withdraw after 6 days and my wallet balance on the website after 7 days.
+ Many codes for free money to claim !

Just follow all the steps and tips like my tutorial suggest, and let the bitcoin fall in your pocket !!!

I hope you enjoy this sharing as I have been,
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What you need :

⦁ A computer or smartphone
⦁ A Browser
⦁ An internet connection
⦁ Crypto Wallet

The Method :

The king of new era faucet
By far the most profitable cryptocurrency faucet !

Better than mining to get :
bitcoin ( BTC ), litecoin ( LTC ), dogecoin ( DOGE ), dashcoin ( DASH )

Easy $20 in not even 1 week by letting his smartphone run in the background, no CPU or GPU usage, it's more profitable than mining !!!
Take advantage of the BIG boost offered by signing up through + 100 coins free, without waiting !

Presentation :

This revenue is part of the new generation of . Indeed, it is not only the best . The offers you in addition to games to let run in the background, videos, walls of offers (including a PTC, again some kind of paid videos), surveys, applications / games simply downloaded, registration to sites, etc ... And all that paid in crypto currencies !
The uses as currency "coins" which have a value in Bitcoin that varies according to the price but is indexed to the dollars. You can see live their value in BTC and dollars and it is super well paid because it is rare in this sector to have such well paid tasks !

Faucet :

The winnings of the are to be retrieved once per hour. Just answer the captcha and you will receive a random number corresponding to a certain value of coins adding a loyalty bonus up to 100%, which accumulates from 1% for days.

Potential win of the faucet :

Roll 1 - 69,999 = 28 Coins

Roll 70,000 to 89,999 = 41 Corners

Roll 90,000 to 96,999 = 83 Coins

Roll 97,000 to 98,999 = 166 Coins

Roll 99,000 to 99,998 = 386 Coins

( These values are subject to change )​

The promo code giveaways and the inventory :

send e-mail or smartphone alert for give code with cryptocurrency to earn, sometime. And it's possible to earn with task or code, differents objects for considerably boost your earning rate for hours, days, etc ... or PERMANENT !

My cheat code :

I have create a free e-mail with gmx, a free phone number with text me + VPN USA and a free credit card, only for earn coins with the offerwall. Or I just do the download tasks, it's for me for better ROI and it's so better when they have a special offer with a offerwall for increase my earning so much !

Bonus code to "Enter a Promo Code" :

WELCOME, INTHELOOP, MORECOINS, OFFICIALFACEBOOK, LOYAL_10, LEVEL_UP_2 (only available level 2), and LEVEL_UP_7 (only available level 7).

*Hot*-Play Games & Earn Coins :
( By far the most profitable ! )

Use the with your smartphone for BIG income, just for let a game on your phone, just touch the screen all the 5 min for don't lock the smartphone and stay active for the rewards.
On Sundays it seems that there are even 4 times more remunerative, being able to make easy to earn 5 $ before the end of the day !
Or play for earn with your computer :
Earnings for are paid out once the activity bar reaches 100%. For this activity bar to progress you must be active on the ( but pressing once every 2/3 minutes is enough to be active to earn cryptos ).

Annual interest :

Earn 5% annual when you keep more than 35,000 coins in your . Function to be activated in your settings. Might as well advise you to only withdraw by leaving the required 35,000 coins on the .

Make a lot of passive money with paid videos :

I also earn a lot, about 0,40$/day by leaving in the background the videos shot and the special daily bonus which is added to the one of the ! For the bonus you have to register through .
You have to press "reward" every day and "add" for the daily code that gives money and level !
All you have to do now is to withdraw from on the site.
Than don't forget to get the sign-up bonus for this other website with !
10 Coins = 0,01$
Just my redeem of a day !

Payment info :

The minimum withdrawal for a DIRECT payment (on your Bitcoin wallet) is 50,000 .
The minimum withdrawal for DOGE is 30,000 .

There are NO withdrawal fees.

First withdraw after 6 days :

My wallet after 7 days :