Hacxx Chat Poster v1 - A poster to increase views


25 Mar 2021
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Hacxx Chat Poster v1 is a project that i start and re-start multiple times. At first was a search dork then i convert to a cse api call and then at the end i had to go back to search dork as rules tend to be so slim that it affects the search results.

Essencially i made a html webapp where the user can select a server to get the results with "&filter=0". There are 7 servers with the possibility of getting the nameserver (ns) and obtain all chat boxes available (The only security is captcha).

The first working project or beta was sold for $10 on PayPal and it did get the results. The advantage of this server is that by spamming a message with link you could display your site on other sites, blogs, forums, etc.

The second time i build a webapp, and by taking advantage of cookies to save information directly in Chrome i build a bot that automatically posted a text and link. Around 300 "boxes".

The server doesn't allow robots so your chat is not recorded in search engines but can be scrape.

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