CyberBullet v1.0.1 | OpenBullet Modded Variant


21 Apr 2021
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CyberBullet v1.0.1 is another modded version of the original OpenBullet. This moded version has many more features and functions lacking from the original OB.

This is a webtesting suite that allows to perform requests towards a target webapp and offers a lot of tools to work with the results. This software can be used for scraping and parsing data, automated pentesting, unit testing through selenium and much more. This is a Beta version and will update later.


Added theme manager
Added font changer
Added Advance Ocr
Added New Splash Window
Added telegram(Block)
Added discord(Block)
Added Process(Block)
Added Meganz(Block)
Added Tor4Net(Block)
Added BasicOcr(Block)
Added (SimpleOcr)
Added AdvanceOcr(Block)
Added Alternative(Block)
Added Fast Make Block
Added bypassCF2(Block)
Added Bypass Recaptcha3(Block)
Added more Options for Function(Block)
Added GenerateBytes(Block)
Added Get Source(Block)
Added Shell(Block)
Added SocketWeb(Block)
Added ChanceNET(Block)
Added More Hash For Function
Added bcrypt(Block)
Added Protocol version editing
Added TLS v1.3 support
Added Hex Key & Hex IV
Added allow empty header values
Added fast load Configs
Added fast load Wordlist
Added fast proxyadder
Added Wordlists tools
Added Config tools
Added icon
Added regex tools
Added telegram Webhook
Added custom runner maker
Added restore runner
Added save runner
Added Custom Colors for theme
Added Find Replace
Added plugin
Added addons
Added more tools for list generator
Added admin panel
Added blur effect
Added Environment Tools
Added code loader(for Stacker)
Added Stacker Tools
Added Updater
Added Glow Effect
Added More Theme
Added Combo Editor
Added Auto Lolix Decryptor
Added Word Finder
Added IPVanish Tool
Added Shadow
Added Live Combo Editor
Added hiding CyberBullet(For RDP)
Added Show Total Wordlists
Added Custom Utility In General
Added Custom Title Name
Added Emoji
Added Debugger
Added Folder Icon
Added Restart Icon
Added Custom Category
Added Api Config (For Download)
Added Advance Logger
Added Note For Stacker
Added Tools For Stacker
Added New Design Tab Control
Added Advance Screen Shot
Added Click Sound
added Welcome Sound
Added Side Menu
Added Border
Added Fast CPM (For Cracking)
Supported Gif Background
Categorized All Block
Added list of supporters
Fixed Some Bugs

and more…


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