cookie checker

  1. DrRepacks105

    Universal Logs Checker 1.1.0 [CRACKED BY INJUAN]

    Functions VK - votes, friends, link, administered groups BattleNet - games, purchases, keys, gifts, mail, 2fa YouTube - all channels, subscribers, monetization, 2fa, monetization, link Grabber - collection of Telegram and files by keywords Discord - collecting tokens, checking badges, payment...
  2. DrRepacks105

    BLTools v1.8 [CRACKED BY INJUAN]

    ✅ Update v1.8 [+] Added service (balance check for all currencies, check for 2FA) [+] Fixed Steam inventory pars for CS:GO,Dota2. Also added RUST inventory pars (Beta). [+] Added a check for purchased Amazon Gifts (Beta), if there are several regions in the cookie, now the software...
  3. DrRepacks105

    [Cracked By Grizzly] BLTools

    ✅Update v1.8 [+]Added Steam inventory check for TF2, DOTA2 [+]Added check TikTok for Coins [+]Added check Metamask wallets for Tokens [+]Updated the YouTube check for all channels for information (subscribers, views, etc.), and the .txt name now indicates the total number of subscribers...